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by him to reconcile all things unto himself by him I say,
whether they be things in earth or things in heaven. ~ Colossians 1:20
Contact Us is a website which is designed to assist those who are studying Universal Reconciliation. When approaching this subject from the Scriptures many honest and sincere questions arise.

   The concept for this site was conceived during a series of email exchanges with J. Wade. This brother has been a serious student of Universal Reconciliation for the past few years. After doing much reading of various sources on this topic, he thought that he could not really testify with confidence that he truly believed in Universal Reconciliation until he had examined the Bible cover-to-cover as objectively as possible.

  He decided to jot down those passages which he felt a partialist would raise a question about.  Then, he decided to go back, reread those passages, and type out the questions associated with each passage.  (Keep in mind that he felt that he knew the answer to at least some of the questions he was typing.  He was just trying to make a master list of questions that he felt a partialist would ask, whether or not he knew the answer.) He hadn’t planned for the project to get as big as it had gotten.  In fact, in a way it really discouraged him.

  After compiling a list of 322 questions from the New Testament, he has felt stuck at an impasse in his studies. Our goal at URQA is to continue to provide answers to his questions and create a good place for our visitors to study and consider them. This is a joint project that we share with fellow Bible students.

  This site isn’t only designed for those who have been studying the topic of Universal Reconciliation for years, though. New students are also welcome. We have a number of articles explaining what Universal Reconciliation is and showing a firm scriptural foundation for it. Whether you have been studying the topic for years or you are just hearing about it, these articles present different angles from which to consider Universal Reconciliation.

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